Caring For Your Mink Hair

Extensions provided by Urban Sequoias can last up to 2 years or more if properly cared for. Below are some helpful components to maintaining soft, clean hair.

  • Be gentle. Use soft-bristled brushes, starting from the bottom of the hair working your way up
  • Wash a max of 3 times a week using moisturizing hair care products
  • Deep condition in lukewarm water, rinse and lay flat to dry naturally
  • Heat protectants are a must. This is human hair and is susceptible to heat damage
  • With human hair, as careful as you are split ends happen. Keep ends trimmed to avoid damage moving up the shaft of the hair
  • Comb hair using a wide tooth comb. For curly and kinky textures use your fingers to comb
  • Do not cut the wefts, this will cause shedding

* We also recommend sealing the wefts to help prevent shedding